Don’t Let Your Tab Get Lost Amongst The Others. With Tab Utility, You Can Stand Out From The Crowd

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Tired Of Having These Annoying Problems?

  • Is your Tab getting lost in among a sea of others?
  • Are you frustrated knowing you have an amazing product but the sales don't reflect this?
  • Is your conversion rate lower than you would like?
  • Have you been searching for something to give you a competitive edge? 

​We have gone through the same pains and frustrations not to mention countless hours trying to find a product that would meet our needs. Finally we couldn't stand it! We had the impressions, we were using PPC and we knew we had a great product. But it just wasn't enough. We knew there had to be a way and since we couldn't find it through the usual avenues we decided to create

Tab Utility

Boost Your Sales Like Never Before!

Tab Utility is a WordPress plugin specifically designed to draw attention back to your site. Tab Utility detects when a visitor opens a new tab and leaves your site. When there has been no activity on your page for a set time Tab Utility initiates and your tab no longer remains boring and lost like the others. You are pulling people back to your page. This = conversions!

Sleek, Smart and Simple. This is what we here at Tab Utility have strived for when creating this practical plugin. You will find the user interface intuitive from the first use. You can set countless parameters, customize with your own personal touch and start reeling customers back like never before. 

This could be your only chance to get in at this ridiculously low price!!!

TabUtility Pro

Convert More Visitors!!

By bringing visitors back to your website, Tab Utility will give you the boost you need to convert more sales.

I know it sounds simple and it is! Tab Utility is going to drive those lost visitors back to your page to make that purchase. It's simple math...More Traffic=More Conversions

Use The Same Tactics As Some Of The World's Most Successful Companies To Bring Back Visitors

Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, you name it. They are all using the same tactics to bring users back. It's time you became one of the big hitters!

They all alert users through notifications to get users to click that inactive tab and come back. Now everyone with a WordPress site can use the same tactics.

Don't Take My Word Though. Do Some Research

Other competitors like to claim things similar to Utility Tab, but I can guarantee you will not find the same quality or options at this insanely low price! Don't be suckered into high monthly subscriptions or paying over $25 for these types of products. This is robbery!

The Nuts And Bolts

Make your site stand out by regaining the user's attention.With our plugin, the title and icon on any WordPress page can be made to animate after a period of inactivity. Once the page is returned to, a special offer is automatically presented to the user. The animation speed, page name changes, and icons are all fully configurable. Stick with the default settings, or design your own attractive animation method that best suits your site.When the plugin detects the user has returned to your site, hit them with a custom special offer overlay. Use the simple setup page to choose the colors, fonts, text, and graphics that you think best complements the offer - or redirect them immediately to any page of your choice. Simple and effective marketing with full support provided.

Let Tab Utility Help Your Business

    • You will stop losing customers and subscribers
    • Re-engage site visitors
    • Increase your subscriber list with no effort
    • Maximise sales
    • Saved time and money
    • An extremely easy setup
        • Increased profits
        • Have 100% support from us

TabUtility Pro

Say YES To...

  • Increased traffic
  • A BIG sales boost
  • An ever growing subscription list
  • The upper hand on your competitors
  • Increased profits
  • A great product at an unheard of price point 

The Cons List

  • There are NO CONS! You can get Tab Utility NOW for less than a McDonalds meal. This offer won't last. 

Do You Still Need Some Help?

​Now you may not be totally sold on Tab Utility yet...and that's ok, but to get you comfortable we're going to offer you a free version of the product. Simply go on over to the WordPress Repository and download your copy.


The free version of Tab Utility comes with these icons:

But TabUtility Pro expands that range to include the following:

The free version of Tab Utility comes with these buttons:

But TabUtility Pro expands that range to include the following:


The free version of Tab Utility comes with these fonts:



But TabUtility Pro expands that range to include the following:


Comic Sans​






Times New Roman

Lucida Sans​

Lucida Console​

Arial Black



TabUtility Pro

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get more sales by within 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work on all browsers?

Am I able to re-sell Tab Utility?

What does your support consist of?

What if the product doesn't meet my needs?


  • uninstall free version
  • install premium version
  • how to use

​The free version must be removed before installing the premium version.

In the Wordpress Dashboard, go to the "Installed Plugins" page

Deactivate the existing TabUtility plugin:

Now you can delete the existing TabUtility plugin:

So What Are You Waiting For?

Tab Utility normally costs $17.95 but during our special launch, you can get your hands on it for just $5.95.

This special price won’t last so do not miss out.

Start driving those customers back to your site today!

TabUtility Pro



For the First 50 Customers Only!!



By bringing visitors back to your website, Tab Utility will give you the boost you need to convert more sales.